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  1. Oh i remember that one. It dubbed the alternative meaning of AI as "Artificial Idiocy". The approach was that that from the get-go the Pathfinder assumed friendly units weren't there to get a initial path and from then just went down an absurd list of every possible edge-case and how to get around whenever it bumped into something. So the initial path was just a dumb simplified path made with good ol' A* Search Algorithm and then whenever something went awry just try stuff like wiggling units around or if destructible just blast a path through it and so on. Start dumb, solve things via trial
  2. Finally got around to get a simple enough run. I went pure twilight without aid of fire/nature cards (except for sunstriders at the start) to spice it up. It was fun! Using Hags to keep the hulks from getting annoying early on, finally getting to using the Protector's seal, exploiting the new traits of Mutating Maniac to just pour into a location in hopes of overwhelming the brutally short respawn timer on the Hulks. All while constantly having that little temptation to just bring the Amii Monument/Enlightenment to trivialize it all in the back.
  3. Ok. This map is pretty awesome. It is more forgiving than the regular version since you don't have to contend with Whisperers blinding all your ranged units and vilebloods constantly applying aerial denial in their death, but not a cake-walk either. I especially like the couple of Lost reskins like the Lost archers and Lost Hulk. Makes me excited for the possibility of the Lost eventually getting a turn with deep-dives, alterations and expansion. Definitely going to finish it with a twilight deck as it seems like a fitting twist for this map. First attempt got cut short due a crash
  4. Servers are to get a update/restart in ~10 minutes. Please wait till that has passed and then try again. The issue is affecting everyone that is trying to log in atm.
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