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    Battleforge Reborn, Stardew Valley, Stronghold Crusader I, Battleforge Reborn, Skyrim, Heroes of the Storm, Battleforge Reborn :D

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  1. I'm in :o  After the fail at the contest last year, and i really dont thought that i could win in the "tell us your story" contest. So many big thanks, you made a small metal worker really lucky today :D  Congrats to all the other winners, see you soon :) 

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    2. Dzodin


      FINALLY :) Im looking forward to playing with you :)

    3. EonBen


      some day I'll also be able to play with you guys..... I'll make it there someday, I'll just have to try harder in the next contest! (or get lucky lol) Anyways, grats man, you definitely deserve it :]

    4. Riviute


      thanks^^ hope to see you soon there :)

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