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    Ah happens to rarely to me that something destroys my orb mid building except myself. Thanks for clarification there. Not sure about th exact numbers 75 25 might be correct as well. Hmm interesting. Didn‘t actually know that only toggle refund 100%.
  2. The deck above is tuned moreso towards random PvE where towers are absolutely useless with 2 exceptions. I would probably replace healing gardens and ray of light for 2 towers such as Mortar/Makeshift tower and Tower of Flames/Volcano/Comet Catcher. That leaves Ray of Light in a weird spot because it only really shines with healing gardens. So i would replace that with Surge of Light probably.
  3. Treim


    Well obviously.
  4. Ensnaring Roots you can use in t2 still as it is a very flexible skill and affects all ground units no matter the tier, soeven in t4 you can get some value out of it. Hurricane i would tend to avoid in higher tiers as the amount of archer squads, where Roots is worse than hurricane tend to become fewer and fewer and also less of a problem. Ensnaring Roots furthermore has inbuild synergy with Mines, it is at least worth thinking about. It depends a bit on which other choices you make and with how many open slots you are left after you got all the core cards and maybe a few cards for personal preference.
  5. Treim


    Pretty sure you loose all the power. as you tend to build them up again for 100 power that is your net loss as the other power is bound permanently anyways ( as you don‘t destroy monuments without the intention of rebuilding them instantly). Essentially you bind an extra 100 power to that monument. That‘s at least my understanding of it. Correct me if I‘m wrong,but i don‘t think any power from the monument or destroyed wells goes back into the void or the usrable power pool upon destruction (except when a monument still in buildjng process is destroyed)
  6. rPvE = random PvE = Battlegrounds. New York already did a goob job of lining out some of the core cards you should be looking for in PvE and rPvE. There is an interesting diacussion going on about Shaman in another thread (about a Nature PvE deck). The TL;DR of my opinion is that Shamans are often more of an optional card, especially considering that a lot of players don‘t use them as a backliner/support unit only but let it attack often as well. Only on a couple of Expert PvE maps are they truly „required“ to play that map efficiently. Considering that their price is absolutely inflated i would not recommend putting a high priority on it whatsoever if you just started and are short on BFP unless you really need the card for a specific expert map. There is plenty of options for a start. If you want to go for damage with supportive spells, then fire natur is definetly a good place to go. I would recommend going fire nature or nature fire in that case for t2, as it enables you to have damage (Lavafield) and cc spells (oink) relatively early into the game. If you go pure nature or pure fire you tend to get only of the 2 things (generally). The t1 you pick is dependend on what you want to focus more, a controlled style with nature that complements the cc in t2 with cards like Surge of Light, Ensnaring Roots and/or Hurricane or a more aggressive style which complements the damage side in t2 with Mine and Eruption. Both starts are fine and are solely dependend on your personal preference. T3 i would personally tend to go towards a 2nd fire orb as you only really loose access to fathom lords but gain access to Inferno instead. Other possible carsds for such a t3 would be Deepocil worm, Equilibrium and Revenge as well as Giant Slayers. T4 Abomination is a must as is Cluster Explosion and Regrowth. ln T4 heavy maps such as rPvE you can further use Twilight Pestilence, depending on if you use Revenge already
  7. Your English is totally fine, don‘t worry. Do you look for a PvE/rPvE or PvP deck? It would be helpful to know these things because the game modes have different priorities and therefor require different types of deck compositions and cards @Marvvster
  8. Treim

    Oceanic server

    I highly doubt this will ever happen. The devs stated since the beginning that thy don‘t want to split up the (already small) community. So unless the community absolutely massively grows we will probably only ever have 1 server as sad as that is for players that live far from europe.
  9. Treim


    The Cultist Master has an ability that spawns little Night Crawlers(which don‘t cost any power). Furnace of Flesh uses their max HP when they die to get your power back from the void pool. You do NOT kill the Cultist Masters, they are a permanent investment and stay on the field for whole game. that is worth because they basically allow you access to huge amounts of power by constantly cycling power through your power pools Use spells -> void power pool goes up/ useable power pool goes down -> Use Cultist Master + FoF combo -> void power goes down/ useable power pool goes up. If you do this constantly you can spam spells like crazy even if you only have max 150 or 200 power in your useable power pool. Because you recycle it all the time so you can cast spells with a total value of double/triple/quadruple of that amount. Also you almost never have any void power/ unuseable power in the system. Generally that is (depending on game state) around 150-600 unuseable power. Considering that you basically pay off thr Cultist Masters + FoF combo (255 power) with your first activation of it - everything after that is essentially extra power you gain
  10. I feel like we need to get things into perspctive here: Shaman is overrated yes, it is by no means a bad unit though and can be very helpful on a couple of expert maps where they ARE basically or very close to mandatory to play nature t1 efficiently. The card is overrated in the sense that a lot of people, especially beginner players think it is a mandatory op card for any nature t1 deck, which is definetly not the case. That does not mean that it is unplayable, it just means that it is more of an optional choice. That choice is viable and can be very helpful, but you can often make do without it and save the deck slot for something that might be more beneficial in the grand scheme of things. A shaman or 2 can go a long way in helping you sustain a fight if used correctly, just note that you can achieve similar results via other means and that Shaman is in no way omnipotent or irreplacable in most scenarios. If you feel like that Shaman is a neat addition for your deck, do so it is a viable choice for a nature t1, use them in moderation though as they can also slow you down masssively.
  11. Treim


    90% for destroyed buildigs/units, used spells and monuments that are destroyed before they are finished building. 100% for used abilities of buildings/units 0% for destroyed wells and fully build monuments
  12. Treim

    How to build an Amii monument at T2?

    Either he cheated or you missed him building t3
  13. Treim

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    Updated! Sub 13 is definetly possible
  14. Treim

    Problem with spectator maps

    iirc buildings and units stayed alive after one player leaves and stays in the „You lost“ screen. I might be wrong about that one though
  15. Treim

    [REQ] Overview Card-Activation-Cost

    Iirc: upgrade price = 2.5* activation price activation price = upgrade price/2.5 –> Rare: 400 - 1000 - 3000 Ultra Rare: 800 - 2000 - 6000
  16. Treim

    Another way to get upgrades

    What does it really matter what currency you use for it as long as the progression speed is similar. Sure its not a unique currency to PvE maps as you can also get it in rPvE and PvP it is however a solid and relatively easy to implement solution that also makes balancing rewards and progression easier than introducing a 3rd currency (as was the case with tokens).
  17. Treim

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    The thread is based solely on trust. I just wanted a place to compete with people fair and square. My idea regarding verifying times was to save the replays to be publicized after the month is over. if you don't want your replay to be publicized that is fine with me either way. Mine will definetly be available here. This month you can use some interesting strategies and use small things to your advantage. If they are publicly known afterwards i don't really care either way, will make competition more fun in the future hopefully and maybe someone new gets interested in the idea of speedrunning. If someone feels like they have to fake times i don't really care either - i guess nice for them? It's not like this thread is anything official or you gain any advantage from topping the leaderboards - probably a bunch of people aren't even aware of it's existence that could at least compete with some of the times. Obviously honesty is preferred . Again if you don't want to publicize your replay here that's fine with me.
  18. Treim

    Another way to get upgrades

    We essentially have that with gold. You can always buy your upgrades with gold ingame instead of grinding out the maps for upgrade drops.
  19. Treim

    I Need your help! [Need replay files]

    Definetly send you a replay with twilight cards like abomination vileblood and twilight warfare. Maybe you missed it? Regarding maps. Don‘t you have any of those or are only the ones without pass missing?
  20. Treim

    I Need your help! [Need replay files]

    Is it possible to add that information manually? As in if you upload the replay and it is a random map you get asked about difficulty and if its map of the month?
  21. Treim

    I Need your help! [Need replay files]

    Would be great if you could mark a rPvE replay as map of the month and then for which month (so f.e. January 2019) in addition to Players and difficulty and for PvP rank of player and the rank of enemy player as an optional information. A comment function would be nice P.s. send you a couple replays
  22. Treim

    I Need your help! [Need replay files]

    I have some replays with some of the missing cards and maps. Will check for replays today or tomorrow.
  23. Treim

    unfortunate but reality

    @WernerShadow Just hit me up ingame and i will play some games with you and answer questions you might have about the game (if you want to). Ingame name is Treim as well
  24. Treim

    Global support cards for cooperative play.

    I feel like the obvious here is Shrine of War. While not directly a powerup it provides your wife with extra power that she can use on whatever, this works obviously best if she uses a lot of spells or abilities instead of units. As mentioned above basically any spells that help her out, heals(Regrowth, Equilibriu, Surge of Light, protects (Revenge, Stone Shell, Ward of the North,Life Weaving), shields(Area Ice Shield), damage buffs(Unholy Hero, Unholy Power, Motivate, Home Soil), crowd control(Curse of Oink, Creeping Paralysis, Coldsnap, Maelstrom, Amok, Frenetic Assault), debuffs (on enemies)(Mumbo Jumbooo [fire aff], Frostbite [shadow aff], Fallen Skyelf [Ability]), movement spells (Netherwarp) or just general Utillity spells like Unity or Infect I feel like damage spells are not the best option for support though they probably will still help if used in moderation (Cluster Explosion, Thunderstorm, Soulshatter, Inferno, Earthshaker, Mine, Eruption, Lavafield). It is probably more benficial to take out key targets that your wife is (probably?) unable to recognize yet. Like the correct spawn building in rPvE, PvE Willzappers or other units that can cause a lot of havoc like the Twilight Timeshifter Spirit if you mainly use ranged attackers. Taking out those targets like a sniper will probably let your wife feel like she actually contributed while you helped her massively maybe without even realizing how much (at the beginning at least). If you mindlessly spam cluster explosion and soulshatter all the time and everythings dead within a few seconds, those spells are probably counterproductive. Moderation is key for those
  25. Treim

    rPVE 10 - Frost Scenario Broken

    I don't think my guide mentions every possible scneario. So here's the short version of for all 3 possible scenarios in order of likelihood: 1. Enemy spawns/incomes attack you and pull the whole base when attacking you: Countermeasure: Trap spawns in between t1 and t2 - there should be an example given how you do it for every standard faction t1. Basically the methods are endless though and it comes down to minimizing the archer squad down to 1 or 2 members and then letting them attacking anything. Once the spawn is trapped you are free to take t2. Your wells/monuments ALWAYS should be the closest thing to the enemey base - no excuses here. 2. Enemy tower (Deepgorge [Artillery ranged]) attacks you --> spawn/incomes always trigger the whole enemy base attacking you: Countermeasure: Proceed as in Scenario 1, but as your monuments time alive is limited you wait for power before you take it. Also take the well closest to the enemy base (only that one). It will absorb a lot of damage and will let the monument live long enough for you to spawn your army comfortably. This wastes 100 power permanently but is well worth it. 3. Enemy base attacks you instantly when you take the monument: This is basically the death scenario but occurs VERY VERY rarely. I generally recommend just starting over with another map because it is simply not worth clearing the map from any efficiency standpoint and has a very high chance of failing nonetheless. If you want to proceed nonetheless you do this in 2 ways. One is a bit of a gamble but the one i would recommend trying because it almost always works but is much less time consuming: Build a big t1 army and kill all the units that trigger the attack on your t2. You will probably need some t2 units for it so you basically want an army big enough to tank the damage from the base long enough for your t2 to be build up. Your primary focus are the Dragons and the bandit snipers that are probably in that base. Once they respawn they will stand close to the spawn building and therefor can not trigger the attack anymore generally. Because you attacked the base you will get an additional income that you trap together with the one from t3 after which you can proceed as you did in Scenario 2. After prioritize the other ranged units other thant he XL's - you probbaly won't be able to kill those anyways. The other way to do it is to build a big t1 army and wait for massive amounts of power so that you can clear the whole base in one go with t2 units. First Priority in this case is to take out the building. Every other priority heavily depends on your deck and especially the availability of cc to you. You can mix methods up a bit and can prioritize killing the spawn building on top of killing the ranged units f.e. but this depends on your deck build and how easy it is for you to destroy the spawn camp in this scenario. The 2 methods are basically the most extreme versions to either end of the spectrum of what you can do in this scenario. If you want a more more in-depth analysis of what you should be doing i at least need your deck. Please also note that this is merely a short introduction to the topic of close bases as it is one of the more difficult scenarios in Battleforge PvE and therefor you need to be adapting to the situation constantly; especially concerning amount of units and energy necassary as well as positioning of those units. Therefor i can sadly not simply say build X units and you should be fine. I hope the description above helps to give at least a rough guideline of how to approach these situations anyways. @MastaMatt

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