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  1. Did you know that this battleforge nature Logo Is in its size 76 kb?
  2. I Will Not edit my post to keep it funny Some of you may know what Hatecaster has to do with the number 77
  3. Deathslider can deal with its ability Blessed Shriek up to 78 damage in total
  4. 79... did you ever watch the following Youtube Video on Battelforge, called "Battleforge PVP Replay #79 - FrozenFighter vs DuelLord" ;-)
  5. 80,... Can you still remember how much Mine, Amazon, Werebeasts and Giant Slayer costs?
  6. Did you know that „The Gamers Temple“ tested Battleforge and assigned 82 out of 100 Points as part of their critical review in May 2009?
  7. Thx, was added. Now its the 83 turn, thx for this
  8. Believe me, yesterday it was 85 and today 84. 84, like the size in MB of the Battleforge client posted on 25.03.2009. (http://www.4players.de/4players.php/download_info/Downloads/Download/51498/BattleForge/Client.html)
  9. and you all can be part of it, while counting days left down until open beta starts (based on the worst case assumption of end of Janury 2018). There is just a simple rule we should consider, add something knowledgable about Battleforge / Skylords related to the days left Ok, I will do you a favor and start counting 85, like the poison-tipped spear of Amii Phantom is dealing and by the way slowing down enemy units. Here the timer: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20180228T00&p0=310&msg=Battleforge+Reborn+Countdown&ud=2&font=cursive&csz=1
  10. How about this idea. Having a dedicated youtube account, were the community provide best possible replays too, this would be a great collection and generates many likes and watched videos, leading to a broader community and mid-term you may get some youtube benefits you can invest into servers?
  11. Thanks for explaining the new concept, however why not keeping both ways for donations (paypal and patreon)? I need to admit, patreon would not be an option to me, as it feels like a contract, hence I would not do. Paypal offers a higher flexibility to those like me and finally thats what I did already to support this project. Maybe with a combination of both, you can cover both parties. In general I do strongly recommend to not promote patreons in that way to significantly (dont get me wrong, i can fully understand, why this deemed to be a good choice); as its finally a kind of gray-zone, as people are gettings somehow benefits, even if this is not in-game, however due to the game even if outside the game.
  12. Lets See soon, what its about, however my understanding of open Beta is, that its open to everybody
  13. Great. by the way, once Open Beta gets closer, consider to distribute your installtion package early on, as you know many People are really waiting since a long period and may crash the Download server.
  14. Whatever it is, put me on the list
  15. I will now keep the fingers crossed, to be on the alpha player list ;-) Well done, guys.
  16. What was meant is, that you dont need to setup a company to manage your current processes more efficiently, therefore nothing specific. Got your argumentation, why you think this (setup a company) is a good way to go and maybe you're right, even if I am still of the opionion, that this will not be the best way to go. EA is a company to earn money, if another company is asking to use there IP (even beening a non profit company) would be treated differently compared to there a bunch of gamers that do run there own servers to continue enjoying what has been terminated by EA.
  17. Don't get me wrong, but I do not see a benefit to setup a LLC. You can even manage your business more efficiently without this. IF it is required by regulations, than this is another topic, but what I understood between the lines is, that main motivations are to accelerate "donation possability". It has beens stated that current donations are (likely) enough to keep servers running (even without knowing what server do cost in the end), therefore me personally would not change it. If you decide to go this way, please be aware that this may significantly change the way how EA does treat this great initiative.
  18. Unlikely that there will be money, however please let me know if this is once be the case ;-) 957
  19. 1636 (my banc account online pin) - 681 (days since battleforge is offline) = 955 :)
  20. 953 yeh i am now part of the Game :)
  21. I need to admit, I didn't read all proposal, but a good set of it. Great thinkings, great ideas, great job. Even without knowing how to cover best, it would be great if even players which are not able to play that frequently (and if they play, maybe just an hour) will not lose track, because their decks are not stade-of-the-art. In the past some of them just bought BF-points to keep track, however as this will not be possible for bfreborn there should be an alternative for such set of players, to keep them coming back. Maybe such player I just referenced to are people like myself and unfort. I cannot spent a lot of time during the week.
  22. I agree, there will be a rush of people. In the end it will be similar as at the end of bf, but with innovative initiatives it may even grow beyond. Let's see, I keep my fingers crossed.
  23. I never donate for any game so far, but i just did it for bfreborn. Thanks for giving me hope, I really missed the game and I am really looking forward to stay in touch with the community. Once the game is running and you need support to keep the servers alive, please let me know!
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