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  1. Also this motm is super easy and we've already made 12:20 on the third try on 4 player map. And I guess many other records will be set in rpve this month.
  2. Well, Then I'll participate I guess^^ EDIT: No I won't
  3. Great idea, but keep in mind that there are some strong players who are currently outside top-20. Also it is possible to lose Elo on purpose. I suggest making more restrictions (eg rank not higher than archfiend), otherwise this tournament is still pretty hard for beginners.
  4. While I agree with most points stated in this thread, nerfing amii monument is only a small part of what most people want to achieve. There are several cards which are at least not worse at skipping t4, these include batariel, frenetic assault and infect. And there are lots of other PvE-oriented cards that are simply too good for what they do like mutating frenzy. I don't think there is a thing called balance when talking about PvE. There are two main outcomes of nerfing such cards. First of all, you change the rules of speedrun competition and second, you make it harder for those who don't give a damn about PvE but still need to farm gold and upgrades. All in all, if you wanna change amii, you need to change all the hi-end PvE meta at once, remove the old records and let the scene breath anew. However, I don't think we are ready for those changes yet, as the game is still being explored and new records are set every month. But when it comes to bringing it back alive, then yes, that's the perfect option.
  5. MOTM lvl 10 - 4 players - 14:56 ahha + Asgard57 + Alexx-serg + ducarev
  6. I generally agree with what you say, and I value your aspiration to trust I hope that everyone in our community will honor and respect their competitors, because these are the people that move you forward in the first place Personally, you and Pritstift are the ones who make my team wanna find new ways and experiment in order to beat you Once again, good luck and have fun And I hope that more teams will form and join us in this ride
  7. Do you guys think we should confirm our records by attaching a screenshot (with all the key information covered up) ? We can’t attach any replays because my team members don’t want to (and I respect their decision) + it will reveal teams’ most potent tactics and drafts Anyway, wish you all good luck and hope that pve speedrun competition will live and prosper :)
  8. MOTM lvl 10 - 4 players - 15:12 ahha + Asgard57 + Alexx-serg + ducarev
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