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  1. Yoeyfinz

    Opening Tournament

    Yeah Chooosing teams would be better, I wouldn't want to work with someone that wasn't good in the beginning and out of the tourney so soon
  2. Yoeyfinz

    Opening Tournament

    Yes that's true, promo card just seemed a bit high rewarding for tournament because my mindset is still at how the old game was. But no cards have a worth yet you're right.
  3. Yoeyfinz

    Opening Tournament

    Giving a promo card would be like giving him thousands of bfp depending on which one they chose to award so I don't think that would be a good idea. He could still sell on auction house for lots of bfp. Just would have to wait for players to build up bfp to spend on it. Id like to be on the 1v1 if you can add me, and 2v2. Sounds like fun idea for the start of BFR.
  4. Yoeyfinz

    Donators - Thanks list !

    Very curious how much total amount needed to ensure the servers will be perfect and have money left over for charities also

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