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Darian DelFord

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  1. Damn Writers Block has me!!!!!

  2. Look in here for a surprise


    1. Dallarian


      Surprise? I don't think.

      We have here over 4700 people from Great Community of BattleForge Reborn.

      It's obvious that we will see epic things here.

    2. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Sleeping then trailering!

  3. New Trailer is looking good!!!!!!

    Not entering it into the contest though.  No idea when it will be done, but faithfully working on it.  First minute is done :>

    1. Ashen_Cyborg


      Could you show us a sneak peek? :3

    2. Ladadoos


      Teaser! Boooo!!!

    3. Defqon
  4. Tirelessly working on trailers!

    1. kestas3


      hype for the trailer ;)

    2. Ultrakool


      haha cant w8 :P

    3. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Still Trudging away at this thing.  For Future Reference, Do not produce the thing when you are playing another game.  It apparently corrupts file............................. permanently :O(

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