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  1. Absolutely my favorite community map so far, I like this one a little more than the rainbow one. The micromanagement needed on defence has been really fun to optimize. I have probably played the map like 50 times now to optimize my strats. I don't know if there is a faster way for me to go really.
  2. which upgrades/charge upgrades are 100% needed?
  3. SERVER: This was on the Kubik server NAME: Unable to perform any action for units or structures or card use SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Happened in a 1v1 PVP match that was started on a randomly generated 2v2 map. After about 15 minutes of play without warning I was unable to do anything but watch as the battle continued. REPRODUCIBILITY: I was unable to reproduce this as I saw no clear indicator of what could have triggered it, Opposing player did mention it said I had "left the group" as if I was disconnected DESCRIPTION: Cannot do anything except watch, like being disconnected without being kicked. The match was still playable for the opposing player and it was watchable as if I was spectating. Errors suggested a disconnect, but this is disproven as I wasn't disconnected or lagging out. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Nothing of note to screenshot, was not able to capture video. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: No additional info.
  4. I can wait a little longer, keep up the good work and for bringing our dream game back to life
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