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  1. Here's the replay, we kept only Phoenixes with an extra charge and it went smooth. Apex managed to finish his part in 15:30 while we both made major mistakes and still finished in 17:04 total. I'd say no upgrades are crucial, they just make your playthrough smooth and enjoyable. GoL_nocharges.pmv
  2. No, it's all good but my time is about 11:30 so 21.8k gold/h. Just look up this speedrun
  3. This is, by my calculations, the best way of farming gold with stunning average 36.5k gold per hour compared to solo Dwarven Riddle 13.3k and 21.8k the Soultree.
  4. Hi, I'd like to share a strategy to farm coins by playing The Guns of Lyr on expert difficulty with a friend which is more fun and more profitable than playing rPvE plus you get some experience for your profile to look cool and get High Lord rank (10) to be able to upgrade ultra rare cards to tier 3 with gold. Since we don't have 2 more friends playing BattleForge as much as we do, we felt it would be easier to find a scenario we can play with only 2 players rather than looking for 2 more everytime to play Bad Harvest, explaining what to take in the deck and what to do in-game to finish q
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