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    Hello fellow Skylords, I am Fernafalej from Germany 23 years old. I was in love with BattleForge since i first heard about it way back in a german Games Magazin why back in June 2008. I think this was the first time this game was publicly announced. I wasn't too active in the forum, but played the closed beta and I was one of the first to be on the Server. After the beta i was a bit disappointed in the marketing strate I came right back when the game went F2P. I spent a good amount of time and money on BattleForge, made some nice friends here, in fact one of my best friends. I played much but without too much ambition, got a view rankes in PVP with mediocre success and played much 2v2 always Pure Fire. I played PVE and rPVE regularly, traded here and there. I really liked the lore and playing with the math behind the game. But when they told us BattleForge was going to shut down, I stoped to play, but i came back to be on the server when it shut down I really love this game and i am so happy that i will be able to play it again.

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