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  1. Please remove BFP, give us all cards instant!

    I dont get why these vets are so obsessed with owning all the cards from the beginning. The devs already told us that you dont have to grind as much as in the original battleforge and the dailys for BFP will prolly be for pve and pvp... You claim to be the ppl that are 24/7 online but u cant grind for a few hours? As you can guess I was mostly a PVE player I also played PVP but not that much. I get that u needed certain cards and certain upgrades to compete on the top ranks... But at the beginning of the private server no one will have all the cards and all the upgrades so you wont need all of them to compete with others. Now if you could pay for all the cards/upgrades ofc the vets could play on the same level against each other than back then but they would be alone and no one that didnt pay for everything will be able to compete with them for the first few months.
  2. Being able to close threads

    I think this would be great because the person which opened the thread should be able to judge if the question is answered and there is no reason to dicuss it any further or if there are different answers worth discussing.
  3. Advertising.

    Hey guys im pretty new to the forum so sorry if this already was in discussion. So the donation money will get used to pay for the server and if there is spare money it will go to a chartiy... I think this is a great idea but what if not all the spare money but a part of it gets used to advertise the game? Would this even be possible/legal? Because as we all know the biggest problem with the old Battleforge was the lack of players due to the lack of advertisement. In the beginning the private server will have many hyped and active players but after a few month i guess there will be the same problem...[url=http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/advertisement.html][/url]
  4. Booster reward syster

    Boosters for Dailys would be too easy I think but maybe if its not to hard to implement you could make it where you get BFP for the Daily Quests and if you complete every Daily Quest for a week or a month you get a Booster in addition to that.
  5. BattleForge Reborn - Podcast #1 With Dexirian !

    Your progress is amazing! Im so hyped for this game :)