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  1. Everytime i login it dissconect me, if it wont and i join into any game it half that game it kick me and im not able to finish any game... isit just becase of beta or can i do anything with that?
  2. [quote='WindHunter' pid='8533' dateline='1437489135'] Hello! I am Windhunter and I used to commentate PvP matches. I was one of the first native English speakers to start commentating and I can claim to have inspired FarRock to do the same. I was a top 20 PvP player when active. I have played nearly every deck in 2v2, but my 1v1 decks were mainly Shadow/Nature, Bandits, Fire/Frost, and Pure Shadow. I will begin commentating matches when the server is back online. Any match has the potential to be commentated, but I will only commentate high-level play. This doesn't mean it has to
  3. [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='8400' dateline='1437456724'] So I was thinking about a possible tier 5, but what it could possibly hold something that is more epic than what is already in tier 4. I came across a possible solution, which is for it being some almighty god card that is pure colored (so they cannot be splashed in decks other than the specific color it represents). So each faction would have their own (5 shadow, 2fire/2nature/1empty colored, etc). I'm not too sure what kinds of spells could be included, if any at all, but towers can be included, but idk what can be more epic than
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