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  1. Related to the Nature Deep Dive: very good and well thought-through changes. Except for the Sylvan Gate, the Heal support from the gate was the one thing that made it somewhat useful (the heal was significant enough to keep the front unit alive, for longer). Yes it sucked that it takes the support, but maybe that was worth it? And the red affinity is useful. It is a Rare building, but you made it do even less... What does it actually do now, what is its purpose, why does it even exist (considering other cards), and why would I want it in my deck? Maybe give it a passive heal inside its range (like Root Nexus)? The Tunnel is more a bonus, it is not the reason to build that Gate in the first place. Also the blue affinity is kindof underwhelming, especially now with the 100m range. Regarding the Root Network: it is very unclear how the support/battery works (mainly due to lacking info / statistics). The passive ability Linked Fire says, up to X entities connected, which now makes it more complicated with the Thornbark (it now being the only entity in the game providing 3 support; all cards now need to state the amount of support they provide). If your network provides 18 support/battery in total (18 connected entities), does that mean 3 front line units with passive Linked Fire of 6 all do max damage simultaneously? Or is the extra support just not used and thus lost/wasted? Does it actually matter if its only 1 supported unit attacking, or if multiple units attack? I would also like to see a preview of the root connection range (when hovering the Root ability), maybe a connection preview graphic that it is or isn't in range of the closest rooted entity. Or maybe as simple as Root Nexus and Sylvan Gate, they have the dotted circle, showing its range of effect. It just sucks so spawn something and that you then have to trial-and-error to find its maximum connection location. Maybe also somehow display by how many entities a building/unit is currently supported?
  2. I like the artwork for the mines, except the clutter of brushstrokes in the blue sky (top right), they are really distracting. The hills in that part also do not look finished, I think I prefer the better defined skyline of the other sketches.
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