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  1. Wow it seems you put a lot of work and thoughts into this. Thanks a lot! <3

    The only issue I see at first glance is that people will probably be (even a little bit more) less likely to play ranked PvP because getting high actual ingame times will be relatively more efficient than before, as opposed to queuing for ranked, especially regarding the long queue times. My idea to fix this issue would be to count search time into the ingame time BUT with a factor of something like 0.1 or even less, so that playing ranked will not be relatively less efficient in comparison to everything else.

    Maybe I'm just biased but there are already very few actively laddering people so I'm a bit afraid the upcoming changes could possibly even reduce my enemy amount :)

  2. Having either viridya or rogan as an additional M counter can be good in stonekin but is normally not needed because with stormsinger and stone shards you are more than set. Coldsnap is also a good card for longer matches especially when you play with no t3, which is also an option for this deck. But if you keep Brannoc you should take some more t3 units as SunWu already stated.

  3. 3 hours ago, Kubik said:

    How long you want to wait on slave master? You will loose after 20 or 30 minutes without moving anyway. You can just spawn unit and move it once in a while, if you will be alone in match you will not get reported.

    "few idiots" that would be great, ask Kiwi how many of them get ban per day, I do not investigate most of reports, but there is much more than few :( and they "destroy" game for others, by taking wells monuments and going afk... so 5 minutes without monuments is long time for the players in these matches.

    Booster price should increase to allow more variety on cheaper things, because there is nothing like 0.6 :bf: or 1.5 :bf: 

    At the same time there should be more quests, with total reward per day increasing about the same as price of booster.


    But I cant tidy up my room or do some household stuff while moving a unit around. That's why I like the increase of the afk timer so I don't need to check as often. Now I can't do the afk tactic on any map (at least not in my lazy way :D). But on the other hand I didn't expect there are a lot of people afking in matches which, when there are many enough, can have a massive negative impact as well. It's a really tough decision to make !

    Regarding the PvP quest idea by Imperator, which is very good, I want to add that some people brought up the idea of gold chests on PvP maps. This way you could give the players the possibility of efficient questing in PvP IF this is technically possible.

    Lastly about the booster prices I also agree with Imperator that the prices of cheap cards aren't going to chance a lot OR the changes wouldn't make a difference, especially for the newer players, who need (A LOT of) expensive cards much more urgently than cheap cards because that's what differenciates their decks from good decks. So the conclusion I draw from all the discussions with great players that understand the economy is that reducing the barrier of getting expensive cards is by faaaar the most important thing for new players. Thus, I'm very certain that the "correct" approach to this situation would be to find a way to make new players get expensive cards more easily instead of trying achieve a "flat" balance of the economy.

  4. I don't like the afk time at all. It kills a lot of tactics that have been played in the old battleforge. For example rpve, slave master or ravens end have a tactic where u start afk and roll over the map with lots of power. This is WAY more inefficient than doing a speedrun so I don't get why you "destroy" other possibilities to clear the map just because there are a few idiots in some casual matches.

    Could you please explain this and why should the booster price increase?

    On 5/14/2019 at 7:15 AM, Kubik said:
    • price of booster will be increase
    • there will be more specific boosters
    • weekly quests are in state "maybe"
    • monthly quests are not planned (at the time of writing this)

    15 minutes :O half of matches would end before that

  5. 3 hours ago, Draconnor said:

    It would be nice if GPM income for PvP would be at least equal to PvE. PvP is definitely more stressful and needs better decks than lev 9 PvE ;)

    But PvP is easier to afk farm and do cheaty stuff like that. It's ok when rpve9 gives a slightly bit more gold on average.

  6. Classic thread where a wild Navarr jumps in and takes the side of the newcomer.

    So, I can only speak from my experience but I have gotten far far more than 90% of my gold from PvE. In direct comparison PvP isn't (from an economical standpoint) worth playing for anything else than the 4 pvp matches quest. I think there was a thread where Radical talked a bit about the numbers. I don't care about the math and all that. Just saying that from a player that wins the vast majority of games in pvp, I still get so so so much more gold from pve.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    that game is decade old :P even company craptop can run it :P 

    "Connection speed" yes, there we agree, but I can not understand why would someone have HW that can not run that old game :P 

    It's not about running the game. It's about loading screen times, delay on actions, small lags that are almost not noticable (when there is a lot going on, you will have frame freezes but time is still running) and so on.

  8. 1 hour ago, Kubik said:

    :thinking: you think PC can affect times? Then you should get new one :D

    Sure it does. One reason is that this game is very badly optimized, as you probably know better than most people :D

    Connection speed is also very important, probably even more so than good hardware. Most people probably have the best hardware/connection they can get for a reasonable price. And the prices for these products are not reasonable at all, so upgrading is hard if you ain't a rich boi. Moving to Frankfurt for better connection speed is also a too big move for most wallets.


  9. 4 hours ago, Chibiterasu said:

    I've played Totruguns for a very long time in the original Battleforge and they were my first deck I build in Skylords. A pure Tortugun Deck is by far my favorite deck because they are very strong but are a hell to manage. Perfect Risc and Reward unit. You got many things wrong about the KI of those turtles:

    1. They never walk in random directions when they are in amok state. When they become hungry, they will walk to the last place you told them before their amok state and only when they reached that place (even when it's on the other side of them map), they will look for food nearby and walk straight to that unit to eat it. (Pro Tip: You can hold Shift to give your units a path they shell go with more than one destination. With that you can tell your Tortugun to walk back and forth and they will ignore any friendly units until they finished that path even when they get in the amok state right away. This way you can delay the time when they will eat your own units and time it with the amok state of other Tortuguns.) When they are in Amok state and no friendly unit is nearby, they will just stay there until you send or spawn a unit next to them.

    2. They will always eat the unit that is closest to them. Not being able to eat their own kind would elimiate the most efficient way to play them. The best strategie is to cast 2 Tortuguns at almost the same time. This way they will also reach the amok state at the same time. You just have to feed one with the other. Then you got from 2 Tortuguns in amok state to 1 Tortugun with almost full stomach. Using Bloodhorn to feed them isn't ideal. Most of the time Bloodhorn isn't at full HP so the amok state is only delayed for a few seconds. Another way is to sacrifice the Tortuguns with Offering before they get hungry. That is a good strategy when you only have one Tortugun with low stomach (you can't offering them when they are in amok state though).

    In general this unit need much care. You always have to pay attention to their stomach bars and think ahead. I don't think they need a better KI. Once you know how they behave, they are very consistence and every time they eat a unit you don't want them to eat, you know you didn't pay enough attention to them :)

    Time to make a tortugun deck :D

  10. 21 hours ago, Pritstift said:

    Navarr i dont know what is wrong with you but i think there was to much sun for you during easter holidays?! But its entertaining - so lets go on.

    Me and my pve mates have shared a lot of tactics for rpve + pve in the last months - also i was giving you and also other players ideas how to finish some maps. We explained in other discussions why we will not simply give out the replays of our speedruns. You should start to really train the maps on your own and not just copy every tactic you will see in replays of other players without the basic speedrun understanding of this maps. I know this is really hard to accept for you.

    At the beginning of Skylords Reborn i found new pve players to play with - and we are really mates now - we share every tactic to each other. But this is just working because every player in our team knows how much work and time was behind it and we will never give out the replays without the permission of the player or the team mates that developed this kind of tactics.

    I am just interested in the bug to maintain the balance in pve speedruns and to avoid really stupid  "braindead" speedruns that are without any tactics because you getting unlimited access to energy + units. I am not interested to use it myself - there is no reason - i have really good tactics that are not beaten until now and there are still other ways to further improve this tactics. I dont need new bug for it.



    So it's entertaining for you that your toxic behaviour is called out? Very interesting. 

    For me it doesn't look like you, one of the best PvE players, are interested in growing the speedrunning community and teaching them. You seem to be more interested in showing off how good of a player you are which seems to be the only reason why you even shared one tactic (Guns Of Lyr) that wasn't popular before. But it's your decision and i respect that. I'm just stating that I find your behaviour inappropriate - I have the strong impression that you enhance the toxicity in the already split up and not very cooperative pve community which is a bad thing because the player that has most rank 1s in PvE COULD be some kind of role model for the newer ones which would have some advantages. But as I said it's your decision which role you want to play here.

    Also, as I stated multiple times: As a PvP player I am not interested in doing competitive PvE, I just like playing efficient and the current system forces me to play PvE if i want to play competitive PvP so I am obviously interested in using meta tactics (that were, in most part, not developped by you, Prit, even though you seem to want to think that). BTW: Getting some rank 1s when the month starts is a fun thing that isn't very competitive because it's free/easy due to the fact that only very few players know the pve meta tactics.

    One thing I also find hypocritical is that you flame everyone for copying tactics while using the community made meta tactics on your own. The game has a limited amount of options and everyone is using some of these.

    Last point: Nobody cares if you need a bug or not. It was discovered by a player that wasn't you, like all the other bugs in this game. And you want to know it, which is totally fine. But how about asking Halis and respecting his answer? Instead, you insult him and spread more toxicity. I really don't like your way of "competition" and communication.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Kubik said:

    No exact numbers right now, just example!

    Imagine 20 quests instead of 2 with same gains per quest, would these quests make sense to you?

    After the reset, yes this could be a solid idea. Btw maybe lowering the booster price in the auction house at the same time should increase the deflating effect

  12. Not even sorry for calling this out. Prit is just mad because he don't seem to know the bug Halis used (?!)

    Edit: Also calling someone a shame for the pve community while doing everything they can to restrict the accessibility of speedruns to a broader range of players and calling him a hypocrit in the same time while doing this hypocritical statement is really sad.

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  13. Who said it would be a good idea if everyone would start with all cards? Nobody wants that.

    So as an example for 1 ez-to-tweak value, I already suggested in different forums, we can look at what a player gains from questing per day. 1 booster (worth 450bfp) and 150 bfp if I'm correct. So obviously it's better to sell the booster that has 3x the worth of the cash you are getting. This way new players suffer because they need to spend loooooooaaads of time and bfp on trading in the auction house, and doing so, they make bad deals because they are new and have no clue. So how to fix? Make boosters and bfp gain per day the same. Either change booster to 150 bfp worth or enhance BFP gain to 450. Or meet in the middle, as I suggested on day 1 of stress test btw. Easy fix by changing 1 or 2 values. Sadly this system has been the way it is for a long time so it would require a soft or hard reset to make a meaningful short-term impact.

    ps: That said, the daily questing system is also not optimal but let's stay in these borders for the moment.

    ps2: btw even without any kind of reset, this change would obviously benefit the newer players because it closes the gap between rich and poor.

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