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  1. Arcanino590

    Cant play in multi

    hello since I unlock the quets several I can not create part or join them so please help me
  2. Arcanino590

    open beta

    Sorry for my english
  3. Arcanino590

    open beta

    How are you announcing the release of the beta open, I hate what kind to finally play it
  4. Arcanino590

    Bid for beta start

    I think on August 10
  5. Arcanino590

    The legendary forum game "count"

  6. Arcanino590

    new cards

    Thank you for answering me and I am press to replay this childhood game
  7. Arcanino590

    new cards

    hello, I'm doing this post to ask if there will be new cards when the game will definitely be released as a kind of mini update, sorry for my english .

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