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  1. I played some StarCraft 2, after release of legacy of the void I almost stopped playing because this game is too fast for me. I was suprised that so many people here mentioned Age of Mythology, I always thought that it was really unpopular game due to AoE. Stronghold is quite nice (Crusader if you prefer skirmishes original for more economic based gameplay), also Anno franchise is quite fun to play. From card games I tried Duelyst and it's like M&M:DoC fused with HoMM, speaking about Duel of Champions it's a shame that Ubi killed it year ago, and now it's going to be shut down on 31st of October. Now I'm left with tiltstone and it's stupid mechanics.
  2. I would replace shadow insect for mutating frenzy cuz he is better choice to counter XLs.
  3. I would buff lost shades, maybe adding siege, doubling hp and adding life steal would be enough to make them decent again. And maybe we should give northguards swift? Now they would be even playable. Also we should let war eagle be 1 frost and 1 splash orb again. Avatar of frost should get his shield 2 times faster too. And juggernaut should get stampade for 220 power.
  4. Wish granted, but he files on such height that you can't breathe anymore and die from lack of oxygen. I wish them my room would magically do the cleaning up himself.
  5. Mo to queek queek on Mo map. "Praise the skylords! The way is clear let's move"
  6. Like Northguards? Rly who played these guys when u had Master Archers not to mention most amii common cards was useless (twilight hag, bandit spearmen) or banditos (another northguards but t2 yay!) also lost shades were a bit overnerfed (but still they had place in my ls deck) and tortugun was almost useless too (it would be better to make him unsteable deamon like).
  7. PvP and PvE was pretty good. And using different cards in different modes is good thing imo. I wouldn't like to use same decks in all maps or have PvE deck that is playable in PvP and vice versa. It would be better to do something with underused or useless cards like Void Maw, Twilight Thugs or Shadow Insect. Only change in balance i would make is to delete Amii Monument from the game. This card is funkiller.
  8. Wish granted, but hipo goes rampage and eats you. I wish i could sell my guitar.
  9. Granted, but you visit it without space suit. I wish i could play Dark Souls without fps drops.
  10. Wish granted, but you get Alzheimer disease and forget answers when question is asked to you. I wish for nice weather today.
  11. Wish granted, but you're now allergic to pizza. I wish for getting master in sc2.
  12. Naph. It's Moon's quote form bad harvest (played that map so many times that i will never forget this)
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