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  1. lFrostAvatar liked a post in a topic by Perendi in King's Ridge - New story-like-map   
    Hey guys,
    im working on a new map. Im trying to do a storymap a little bit EA-like.
    In this map you have to rescue Rogan Kayle who get inprisioned by the Bandits. The Twilight is attacking the Bandits so you are under pressure.
    The map already contains the 3 different diffuculty levels. I tried to implement stuff i liked from other story maps like the cannons from Bad Harvest/GoL, the Amii-Doors from Sunbridge or the fact that the twilight is attacking something and you do not intervene directly.
    The map isnt finished yet because I just have time at weekend to work at and the balancing alone is pretty hard.
    I would like to see you guys playing my map and what ideas you have / what could I change / etc.
    You can always download the latest version of my map in my Discord group: https://discord.gg/6JpAuJF
    I hope you excuse my bad English , also English outcries are not all implementet for now (most is in german).
    Here is a quick replay of the map:
    You can also find other older footage of my map on this channel.
  2. Saim25 liked a post in a topic by lFrostAvatar in NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!   
    Good job with the map!
    Even though I am not completely into pvp I really do enjoy this map because it provides a fast paced gaming experience.
    Despite that, the map also looks visually appealing and does not disappoint on that regard.
    Keep it up!

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