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  1. Can't force it to happen again, tried in the forge and in another mission. Gonna watch out for it, if it does occur again, i will post the log.
  2. Played the Mo Map on standard difficulty, and after killing the Command Walker i did collect/meet them at that place and activated it for all of them at the same time. After about half the Life of them, the game slowed down massive and then crashed. _log_proxy_latest.log _log_proxy_0.log
  3. Granted, but all Exams get worthless I wish i had an Infinite Supply of Cookies
  4. 2688; hopefully not the releaseyear for skylords reborn
  5. So, what could be my favorite character of the Show Futurama be?
  6. As long as it is released someday, I'm fine to wait, atleast at a game which i thought is dead for 5 years. And Boy for a dead Game it looks like promising Progress
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