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  1. On 9/10/2020 at 1:11 PM, Mynoduesp said:

    Small feedback on the booster art:

    First of all, I love what you did with the new Amii and Frost/Fire boosters (please coin a name for the last nameless faction or make a pool/event/competition for the community to do so :D).
    Secondly, while the new boosters and the single faction boosters show what's inside, older boosters fail misserably. Bandits, Twilight and even Stonekin booster art deserve an update sometime soon (I know this is low prio :P).


    About the booster content window:
    I like that you're able to search for card and also that the fist cards shown are colourless/legendaries. Since ppl like to see primarily shiny and secondarily actual data I'd move promo cards even above colourless cards. And if it's not too much trouble add a dropdown to sort by either name or rarity


    A bit off topic here as a reply to an announcement, I think it would be better if you create a separate topic for it

  2. 3 hours ago, chickennoodler said:

    Do you mean Pm Mods on forums or within the game? Also What is discord?

    Discord is a social messaging platform, much like Skype, with an emphasis as a platform “for gamers”. It’s also atm our most active platform. I meant pming us there. If you don’t use discord, I guess forums is fine, however it will have slower response time due to a lack of a good notification system

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