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  1. Next BattleForge PvP Replaycast Stream on tuesday 3.5.16 at www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom 10pm CEST come hang out with @Eirias and @Yabro0

    1. Skytrias


      awesome thanks for letting us know :)

  2. Green Cap is back?

    1. GroenKapje


      yeah still waiting for game :D

  3. Isn’t your birthday the 3rd of December? I remember we wish you hbd not long ago :P or maybe time goes by so fast

    if it’s indeed your birthday happy birthday :) you’ve done tons for this project so take some time to enjoy your special day

    1. InsaneHawk


      Maybe time goes fast :wrathgazer: but thank you very much appreciate it a lot mate! (And yes, this is my birthday ^^)

  4. Published a video announcing open beta and talking a little about what to do and expect moving forward: 


    1. Fauchderial


      Hey that's a very very good idea ^-^


      that give u one more rep :kappa:.

  5. Hello Mr Crunch,

    happy birthday dude ? 

    1. BionicReaper


      Kinda late but happy birthday anyways :P:watermelon: 

  6. Got ambushed by new site layout...

  7. Stream ultra hypuuu 

  8. Skylords! The much awaited Alpha is here(i hope)! The gates are about to open!

  9. We now have a community twitch account, be sure to follow us to see when we go live. http://www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom Most streams will be on here, and we will do collaborations in skypecalls/TS as well. See you soon!

    Unofficial Battle forge Community Team ( not part of Battleforge Reborn Team)
  10. Previous "Alpha Features" video up on youtube! 

  11. Next SOS TOdAy! (Stream on Sunday) at 18:30(CEST) Tune in! on www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom

  12. Check out our Youtube Playlists, where most(If not all) of content posted since the alpha has been organized, including the Streams, Tournaments(in the forge), new PVP replaycasts! https://www.youtube.com/c/BFRebornCommunity/playlists

  13. Check out Eirias' newest PvP Replaycasts and more from the Community BFR Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/BFRebornCommunity

  14. Closed Beta Stream tomorrow at 3 PM CEST, cant wait! Hope to see you all there!

  15. Hello everyone,

    Just to inform you, as we are inching closer and closer to the dream of the grand reopening of BattleForge, with open beta release set during 19-26 th of March week, (Not set in stone)

    I've gotten in touch with Destoyerfros and we have decided its a good idea to open a Coaching and Tutoring server on discord. Please bear with me, the server is a Work In Progress and is not even close to done. We have a bot system where you can apply your own roles and the factions you play etc, as well as text channels to ask and receive answers regarding strategies etc.

    Anyway, regardless of whether you are a Tutor who applied or an apprentice, or just a keen BattleForge soon-to-be player, or a rts player with a potato computer and 500 ping and want a place to chill, anyone is welcome in the discord server. 

    The link is here: https://discord.gg/dZzKexQ

    As always any comments or critics are welcome as a reply or in the server under #Serversuggestions.


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