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  1. Wish granted, He is the master of off-topic game killer I wish to steal my cookies back from cookie monster edit; Ninja x 2 Ragequit haha
  2. Wish granted Battleforge is back obviously, but you are the only one who doesn't have acces to BF. I wish to have a cookie
  3. RIP Battlefield Heroes D:
  4. Whatever he says, he is now Superduper Ultrakool, because he knows that I am going to have an exam soon, above all he cares! yayaya
  5. Just one more post and he should have a new rank on the forum
  6. Costed me nearly 20k bfp to get his promo version...
  7. One could consider to do tournaments like Comic Video (yay! haha) Best usermade map Creative way to kill a boss in PvE Speedrun killing the boss with only t1 units or pure spells!
  8. Wow, I totally forgot about Kaerion until you mention him lol :s
  9. I have treasured his guide as a memory from BF. Guess it is having his real purpose again. Hereby I reupload Circadia Guide http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=25757156726865626791 Thank you Cicadia for such an epic guide!
  10. Hello skylords! I'm ikke2902 (ingame),ikkezqoz (on the old BF forum) and comes from the Netherlands. I used to trade a lot. I guess I will use these abbreviation very often: WTS WTT! haha Furthermore I made some motion pictures of BF. I really hope to see some old friends coming back. I have lost contact with some of them :''( Edit: Ignore Shalade, AH belongs to me. Shalade can have monopoly on this card though
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