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  1. I'm so proud of my fellow Poles from The Best Game Company ® In The World ® Period. (and that Maul Cosplay tho) Damn feels good man. I suppose i don't need a car, just save some more moneys and spend everything on dope-ass PC master-race money-dump machine of doom sometime around 2020, or 2077 LMAO. 

    PS 1 I hope it's indirect enough not to be called advertisement :kappaross:

    PS 2 Watching YongYea and AngryJoe excited like a childrens after demo - priceless. :kaboom:

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    2. steezy
    3. batorfly


      @BurningWorld The wild lord of shitposting appears :D That gif is dope. And btw. sorry bro. I'm not upvoting every shitpost you put on forum bc i want to have exact same number of rep, that's kinda selfish and miserable i know :oink:

      @steezy W O W, so that is your pure skill? I'm truly fascinated. :kaboom:

    4. steezy


      @batorfly all for u <3  I DID NOT HIT HER


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