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    As for void, if I'm correct, the old units power goes into void and the new unit binds power equal to the amount needed to transform into it. If this one dies a percentage of the transform cost goes into void and so on. Twilight does have a ranged t2.. death glider. I think the idea of why transforming costs a charge might be "you get an undazed unit cheaper where the old was".. consider it a breeding grounds to go still too expensive though I agree.
  2. Karosuke


    I rather tend to use the minions that buff all twilight units before attacking big camps... I had also ran both affinities to buff my t1 leftovers. As for slaver, I tend to look at him as a mix of a unit and a weak eruption. For PvP thats garbage. Haven't tried if its considerable transforming him into a vile or sth to get it off. Maybe a good pvp player can test this or give some insight. Yeah for rpve10 curse seems legit. But for 9 and beyond you dont need it and in pvp it only was useful for the mentioned situations. @your deck: First of all: Woohoo strikers I go into a
  3. Karosuke


    Hi everyone, while I was writing suggestions for twilight hag and mutating maniac I figured I might also share my thoughts on the rest of the bunch. I tried to play the faction as exclusively as possible and to be honest... they could need a hand here and there but they are not as bad as most people think. I should mention that I'm not a speedrunner or pvp pro or anything like that. I mostly play rpve 8-9 and sometimes a little pvp with friends and ofc some missions for quests and fun. So my experience might be a little one sided but twilight is the faction I played the most by far. Since
  4. Considering Twilight tries to have units that are somewhat cheap for their stats (fire) and slow aoe damage or heal (nature) I'd suggest making him cost 110 and his ability cost something around 50 but also damaging everything except for twilight units. This would reward having only twilight units while also keeping a little from the original shadowcard - more damage but sacrificing itself in the process. If that sounds too strong to you keep in mind that twilight lacks mobility and cc. So Numbers are kinda their best shot.
  5. I play twilight on rpve a lot. From my understanding she can be used to transform into skycatchers later and with some decent frontline her knockback and L damage is actually not that bad. The range on her attacks is also not bad. I use her along with creepers on t3 and morph them later which actually works quite "well".... twilight-level-well... From my perspective her pros and cons are: cons: - 75 power. just no. even with breeding grounds.. - range and cost of ability having her to be that close is meh... most of the twilight units are melee - 2 nature orbs. for pve its
  6. I can only speak for myself (though i think im not the only one) but in terms of PvE campaign missions on expert i just dont know how maps most maps work. yeah sure i can watch youtube vids and all but sometimes ppl (especially on 2 player maps) tend to get.. lets say impatient if you "missplay". I totally agree on the "give everyone an upgrade he/she needs" but idk how this can be done. Groupleader assign upgrades after game? Need/Greed roll after game? Idk. Forcing ppl to do stuff is to wrong way i think. Again my opinion: I had an easier time getting cards than gold/upgrades for them.
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