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  1. Changes look great for the most part! I know yall are busy and understaffed but what's the relative timeframe to get the work done on these and into the test phase? Also you should still give ice shield tower knockback :P.
  2. I can see the direction this is going and mostly agree... although i think some tweaking will be needed for the upgrades. The base card should not shoot out only one rocket. You are forgetting about the new players who dont have tons of gold and i bet they will use this tower once and never use it again because 1 rocket is so pitiful. I recommend something like 2/3/3/4 or even 2/3/4/4 for the upgrades and give it slightly more health in one of the upgrades.
  3. I like the changes here and think its moving in the right direction. Shadow should be high risk / high reward and this better emphasizes it. Though i would make the suggestion of maybe moving towards a direction where it has a larger soul storage but uses lots of souls per shot so it isnt so self sufficient but can be set up in a way to make it last a while. I would have to test it but i suspect these changes wont necessarily change a whole lot in most situations.
  4. Love the changes and think this perfectly fits what stronghold should be. I understand that a change to the skyelfs are coming soon as well. I hope that they will be able to work well with these changes in mind.
  5. Love the idea of guilds but I would recommend caution as well. While guilds can help retain a player base they can also divide it as well. I would recommend putting a cap on the amount of people that can be in one guild. Something like 20 people or less. Besides you can always be friendly towards other guilds but nobody likes a super guild that controls everything.
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