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  1. I am not using mac, so no idea what exactly has to be done. Either use lutris (tho no idea if lutris is available under mac -- worst case you could build it yourself i guess) or just follow OPs instructions. If you are using lutris you can add a prelaunch script, that does this change (or you can write a custom start script if you are not using lutris)
  2. glad it works now, have fun enjoying the game on a proper OS (/scnr :P)
  3. yikes, sounds annoying. I checked a few posts to make sure I wasn't talking bs, but I must have missed it (probably ain't so interesting for most ppl). I mean you certainly could also RE the chat system and do some shenanigans there, but I doubt it would be worth it. Thanks for the info tho! so we should find a solution that does not rely heavily on technical changes to the underlying system then. If opinions are asked here, I would prefer full English in general chats, the same as in the forum.
  4. [citation needed] for real tho: afaik, they actually have the source code from EA (although this isn't explicitly stated, I just hope they didn't had to RE that thing) anyway, is there any correlation between the ability to implement any language based feature for the chat and the access to the source code or the time available for this project ? The thing about EvE was not about how they are able to do it, but how they did it and how this might be a valid solution for the skylords community. imho this is not a problem that has to be solved on a technical level, but rather a com
  5. quick update on the lutris installer: it should now work correctly (before there was an error in the script syntax that apparently the mods and me oversaw which made the script do nothing. I am testing it right now but it does what i expect it to be doing (asking for the archives and now installing dotnet). So if you are still having problems (or tried the installer before) give it another go
  6. Just checked my install with wine6.0 staging and it works (although I will stay with 5.7.11 for now). I can't make much with the error, as far as I can tell some produced URIs are borked, I usually suspect dotnet for skylords, as vcrun should not really make any problems and dotnet is just annoying.
  7. Hej, so first of all you should not be running SRInstaller.exe, that will most likely not work (and also is neither part of the instructions from OP nor from the lutris installer). About the lutris installer (since that is the only thing i can really help with :)): Can you check if the prefix has all the requirements installed (in winetricks check default prefix -> install a Windows DLL) and there should be checkmarks under vcrun2010,2012,2013,2015 and dotnet as well as some d3d and vulkan stuff. What happens exactly if you press on Play? (usually I recommend not using the te
  8. translation: "greetings skylords, Since three days I am on the mission 'The Dwarven Riddle' but haven't been able to achieve a victory yet, no matter with whom I have played. Do you have any hints on how to solve the mission?"
  9. ah, you are missing C++ libs, you will need someone that actually uses windows (or google your way through). Check the install post for the correct names (vcrun10,12,13,15 iirc and some dotnet stuff)
  10. glad it worked, guess this can be marked as resolved
  11. that 7z is an archive, you need to unpack that, too
  12. well, now unpack both into the directory ^^ its important to have the updater files also in your 'SkylordsReborn' directory. Take a look here: (have in mind that this in not on Windows, so some files e.g. everything with dxvk, will not be on your installation -- also iirc running the Updater the first time will change this directory)
  13. Is this enforced by the engine or by explicit decision? I find this strange behavior, as I would consider mails usually async, therefore DND should not influence that imo. OTOH I know that this was requested by some people as they were spammed with mails, but I am not sure if this should impact how the system works in general (or maybe this should be fixed in another place, e.g. increasing mail limit?)
  14. check the part about Linux/OSX, one of the links should be the updater OT: @Aviat0r maybe it is a good idea to put all the links together at the top in the install-thread? then they are much easier to find (at the same time i should probably ask Zyna to do it rather than you, but i already typed it ... #lazy)
  15. You need two archives, BattleForge.7z and SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip. Unpack both into a directory (according to Aviat0r C:\Skylords should work fine), then run SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe and it should run
  16. Uhm, not sure if I understand you right, but just go ahead and use the installer, then you will be asked to provide the path for both files (its pretty self explanatory).
  17. sorry for necroposting but I am also a bit confused about the current gold system. If my observations are correct (and I want to point out that they might not be) then there is actually no reason at all to farm the upgrades from maps because disenchanting them usually nets more gold than you would pay for claiming them. It is hard for me to confirm this for the more rare (and expensive) upgrades, but at least for most "normal" level 1 upgrades I have encountered so far disenchanting always gave me ~ 10-40 more gold than i would spend on claiming that upgrade. Is there something obvious I
  18. just submitted a lutris installer https://lutris.net/games/skylords-reborn/ (might take some days to get approved by mods, until then click on "show unpublished installers")
  19. seems like the booster simulator is currently offline, have I missed something?
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