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  1. Dev Appreciation Post:

    I've been following the project for almost two years now, and I want to show my admiration for the people involved. Creating a stable product with the amount of work involved, the constant design changes, and the busy schedules is remarkable. I doubt anyone knows the true work that went into keeping this together. Logging in for the first time and having no bugs, no crashes, and being able to play a few matches is nothing short of incredible. Some AAA games haven't launched that well.

    The development and administrative team has shown themselves to be truly genuine, providing a free product for this community. This game is a part of my childhood that I wouldn't have gotten to experience again without Skylords. You have my Patreon support for at least as long as I play, and I encourage all others to do so, even if its $1. Thank you for your hard work and God bless you.


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      Hey Sean,

      Your kind words are definitely appreciated.

      Kind regards,



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