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  1. You culd give players an amount of "start-tokens" on new accounts , they are not tradeable so you cant muti-account to get more , you culd also add the tokens to the daily rewards. Just an idea tell me what you think about it
  2. i also wuld be great if you wuld get an unique reward (not much something like 2-3 booster or 500-600 bfp) if you have finish´d all pve maps, climb´d top 100 in 1v1 pvp for example. sry for my broken english :/
  3. >Sitting in the waiting room of Public doctor with 10 more people who are 60+ >Smartphone rings in 120 decibel + hiphop >Fast turn it to vibration mode >Lay it on table >Glass table
  4. Hey im from Tirol, Innsbruck Seavas olta solzburga
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