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  1. BanGo

    Cards always getting bugged

    Harvester and maybe other stuff bc i deleted more than 1 mail but idk which cards the other were but that shouldn't matter. I got the card again but i did relog and so on a couple times
  2. BanGo

    Cards always getting bugged

    My card just also bugged. I invited someone to trade and at the same time, i deleted my mails to get the card of the ah, the other person accepted the trade and now i don't have the card anymore which was in the mail.
  3. BanGo

    Where are you from?

    switzerland - get that number to 100
  4. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Oh ban multiaccouts? With IP adress? But yeah I see the problem. Bad idea then xD but still a good startet deck is needed.
  5. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Hi there, I got an idea for the upcoming game. At the begin you don't have any good cards. But we could change that and everbody can decide at the beginning of bf a deck: frost, fire, nature or shadow deck etc. Not very expensive deck just a deck to start best regards BanGo
  6. BanGo

    BattleForge Concept Art

    WOW amazing work
  7. BanGo

    Watermelons ingame?

    Hi there I was wondering if there is a profilepicture of a watermelon? Would it be possible to do one? WATERMELON ARMY!!! Best regards Watermelon team
  8. BanGo

    How can I earn a rank on the forum?

    Alright thanks I will never be a tester I played the game 5 years but still I m bad at desinging or anything like thîs
  9. BanGo

    How can I earn a rank on the forum?

    How can I help them? I m useless
  10. Hi there How can I earn on the forum a rank? Thanks for the advise. Best regards BanGo

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