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Skeleton and Forsaken are good against M? why?

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Hey, i rejoined the game and i felt in love with shadow. I saw many elementries which have low cost tier 1 units, which are useful against S. I know that every fraction needs his strengths etc. but what i love the most on shadow is the imagination about a full skeleton army. In case of PVE i dont know why both units (distance and melee) like Forsaken and the Skeletons have to be usefull against M?

Yes another opportunity is in using Wrathblades, but i dont like them. Their animations and look are reasons why i dont wanna play them. I hope they  may change one of both units in their efficiency from M to S.

In that case it would be more usefull when the Forsake make more DMG to S and when u reach tier 2 the Dark-Assasins are usefull against M?

Pls no hate its just my opinion. What are ur thoughts about it? 😘 

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It is probably this way, because it would break PvP balance if it was the other way around. Maybe one of the PvP balancers can elaborate 🙂

Another alternative to Wrathblades would be to use Witchclaws or Dreadcharger.

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