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rPvE 9 speedrun achievement?

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For sub 12 you can run buffed Batas, pure Fire or Bandit Decks with either 2/2 orbs or 3 shadow 1 fire, driven by BH and Emberstrikes.
Even "classical" BH Decks should be very fine. Not sure about Banzais, they are super strong, but perhaps too slow, idk.

If you want to do sub10 things get quite special. You need a team of very experienced players, good coordination and a suiting map. Then probably you want to have a certain mix of above or all going Bandit. 1-2 Players having Plauge may help, tons of spells, most early SoW and more.

I share this perhaps, even if I perform SUUUUUUPER bad, this is a showcase of a sub10 run (quite at the beginning)


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