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Fortress of Tears - A 4PvE Community Map


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"Skylords, it's here! I can feel the source coming from that fortress!"
After many tests and trails, my very first 4PvE map is finally here. I present to you:
Fortress of Tears

A 4PvE community map and the end of the Lost Souls home world arc for Rogan Kayle by me, ZeroPC.

After traversing the city and breaking out of the prison, you finally arrive at the Fortress. So this is where they reside... Rogan needs your help one last time to find the key to eliminating the Twilight from his home world once and for all. He believes it resides in this might Fortress you stand before. Work with Rogan and 3 of your fellow Skylords to get what Rogan needs, clear his path, and get him home.

Escort Rogan

Rogan can't fight these creatures alone. One of you must guard him at all costs and bring him to his destination within the Fortress. But be careful... the Lost Souls don't take too kindly to visitors.


Storm the Fortress

Some of you must brave through the horrors within the Fortress and clear out the path for Rogan before the Lost Souls find him. You must find a way to disable the Fortress' security and let Rogan pass through.



Get Rogan Home

The portal back to the mortal realm must be protected. Once Rogan is ready to leave, he will need to travel there. One of you guard it well, as the Lost Souls will send their Twilight monsters to destroy it.


Be on Guard...

Who knows what other monstrosities roam this Fortress and it's hollowed ground...

fortress5.png.c5a0f75f89aacc475fee6d8f7dfaefcc.png         fortress6.png.111ad48be17877d8fdbda61a6729419c.png

Play on all difficulties

For the first time, one of my maps finally is set up for all 3 difficulties! Try them all!

This is my first 4PvE map so I'm really excited to see what you guys think! Please do leave your feedback as I want to improve my map making skills as best as I can. Hope you guys enjoy!



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