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Upgrade the Main Menu?

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My main issue with the main menu forge area is aesthetics. I have always thought that the sandy ground made the screen look too bland and visually bleh.. I noticed the other day that you can actually change the menu to a wintery look, still rather muted color pallete wise. Why not add a bunch of other environments to the main menu, they could even cost gold? I think that this would be a great way to give the menu a face-lift. I would love a lush grassy biome. 


Also, I have always though that the main menu itself lacks features, such as additional settings to play with. There are many things that are difficult to test in the menu without adding features...

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Different forge playsets are a considered and very fun, we even had Skylords Bounty where you could make one:

However, as its very time consuming to make one, it is difficult to predict if any extra playsets will be created.

Would you like to expand list of features main menu lacks?
We already have infinite power, 2 sides, active pause, speed increase/decrease and possibly more. What other features would you like to see?

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Ad Dallarian mentioned, we have already added and improved many area's of the forge, from a new look to handy features like pause and powerwells/orbs (those are newly added by Skylords Reborn, they were not in the original). 

During our Bounty to create a new Forge for Spring, we realised how tricky it is to create a good new Forge. While the current one is indeed a bit boring, it is also very clear. We had entries that added a lot more eye candy, but removed the whole purpose of the Forge: to test things in a clean environment. 

While we think there is still a lot to gain (Halloween Forge would be fun!), the time it takes to create these kind of things drains resources away from other area's. Players with the skillset to create great forges, could also be working on new campaign maps for example. 

Im curious about other suggestions you had regarding features for the Forge. The biggest complaint was the lack of powerwells, and since then I havent heard many comments of things missing in the testing setup in the Forge. Personally I really like the feature to be able to play a card directly from a booster or the AH for testing purposes, the only annoying thing is if you want to spawn multiple of those cards (that you dont own yourself) you constantly have to open the menu again. 

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