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36 minutes ago, Nemoo SK said:

How dare you disrespect my boy Magma Hurler like that. To be fair, it is pretty great card, especially if paired with Unity.

I wasn't disrespecting the magma hurlers,  just if they all die somehow and I have no charges, it wouldn't be good, but yeah, I use them with unity and not much can stop them. 

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6 hours ago, Emmaerzeh said:

... the more units/players profit from it. So not build it first. 

... players that are not that good in micro or lazy. U can pretty much attack move end of map i rpve 9. Throw some cc and heal here and there and focus spawners. 

... In casual playing. If you just want to finish the map to get the rewards no matter the time. 

Besides your second point, they are all mentioned in some form in my original post. The title is just clickbait 😛 (sorry). I actually did mention places and times when it could be beneficial to build Wheels. But as you said, not too early, and only when there is no pressing time limit on the map. 

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On 7/23/2022 at 7:46 AM, Dutchy said:

This, together with how easy to use Lost Spirit Ships are, made any map a walk in the park.

Old stuff but if my memory is correct, it wasn't actually ships what was used. Nobody cared to even go t4 back in that time, all what was required that one guy popped second chance with enlightenment after most had done 6 ghostbusters (ashbone pyros) and then compost them and quickly spawn 6 more, compost them with same second chance. Then you was ready to roll over every camp. Crazy times.

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