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Darkelf Assassins - Bug and suggestion on Fix

Vampire Prince

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Darkelf Assassins are really interesting unit, which is mainly used in PVP decks, much more rarely in PvE variants... But their ability is primary reason what makes them feel special and what gives them an identity...

But sadly, there is this rare, sometimes hard to notice even, a bug...

When they activate ability, their RANGE actually REDUCES (be it targeting range or maximum shooting range) because a squad is no longer capable of repositioning or splitting up... And at many occasions it can happen that this bug denies them any ability of assault or retaliation...


And looking at other archers of same tier (2), RANGE should be one of bonuses they inherit (White Rangers are probably the best example in this argument) over Tier 1 ranged units counterparts.


My suggestion would be to DEFINITELY fix or give small range increase to the Darkelf Assassins ability trigger (so they have actual viable range and it doesn't disable them if they were attacking something prior to ability activation) or GIVE the ability more spice by making them fire volleys at bigger range or just give them an actual range increase so people have to work around it (even in PVP this could be denied since tier 2 nations usually have distruption of one way or another).

2ndly I would look up at reduction of windup of their ability or adding a cooldown DELAY after its activation because the time it takes to prepare to fire and re-target is DIRECTLY taken out of their ability duration (and their targeting refreshes after activation, so it could use like 0.5 seconds delay after activation or something) (same issue goes for Executioner and Wraithblades)


Giving them an adjustment in these parts would definitely make them more interesting choice overall and provide them a bit more utility outside being replacement ranged unit (for tier 1) in Tier 2 PVP 🙂, esp since their base stats are mediocre even for tier 2 units (so whoever doesn't use their ability to max extend or gets denied in it is basically using a tier 1 unit with nickle sized bonus to its damage)

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The "bug" (also not sure if its a bug), is indeed pretty annoying, and something you learn to play around with, but always feel a bit clunky. I dont think they need a range increase, but it does feel off they cant shoot the same target they were already shooting at once you activated the ability. Curious what @RadicalX thinks about this. 

However, regarding the windup, Dark Elfs are already extremely powerfull, and I dont think they would need any buffs in this department. 



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Darkelfs are powerful due to Motivate mechanic, but they are specifically powerful only IN PvP... In PvE they are rarely picked any my thread is primary as suggestion on their ability to make them feel a bit more unique... As for PvP and PvE... These 2 setups should have completely different balancing... (i'll make a thread about it)


Here is thread:


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