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swamp drake dealing no damage


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Swamp drake occasionally does no damage to the twilight abbomination. Kapo confirmed this in the forums and I have seen this happen to an other player via discord stream. 

In the replay attached to this post it happens at 20.05 min on the T2 monument of the right side player. After the swamp drake uses its ability all of them do not deal any damage, after the thunderstorm has been played everything seems to be fine again until the Abo starts attacking the drakes. 

Kapo though it had something to do with the cc, wich might be possible, but I'm 90% sure, that on the discord stream the palyer just straight up attacked the abomination on behind enemie lines and they didn't deal any damage for 3 to 4 attaks each. If you also need this replay, I can ask him or/and contact a gamemaster and try to search the replay on the server. 2022-06-10_19-45-41_NightmareShard_diff3_s51276_arabika_Mocaak_time_0_22_45.1_v258.pmv

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I wonder if you can create a shorter example, rushing trough 20 minutes of replay and then missing out is quite easy 😞 also would be great to have it on some test map where nothing else is happening.

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Arabika asked me to provide what I know since I have encountered it already multiple times. First, it does not relate to the current patch, since I have seen this almost since I began playing. Here are the things that I have noticed that might trigger this:

* Using CC, especially sleep
* Using cliffs, so you can damage a unit, and they can't hit them back
* It may have to do with the unit moving towards the Swamps but then decides to move back to the original position (out of range or cliffs).

Most often, I have seen this on Defending Hope when attacking the Abomination that guards the path toward Rogan, and on Encounters with Twilight when using either the cliffs or the walls to make it impossible for XL-units to hit the Swampeys. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have also seen it once without any cliffs/walls involved but just moved back with CC to stay constantly out of range, so my best bet is that it has something to do with units returning to their original spot


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I just had the swamp drake issue but with L sized enemies:

In the map Soultree, when escorting Viridya up the hill, I ran into two stonekin warriors that became immune to damage. I was using swamp drakes as well.

I've attached my log & replay, the issue is very obvious at the end of the replay. 

I remember coming across units that I couldn't hurt with swamp drakes before in other maps, but after they moved a little they could be damaged again. This instance stood out to me because it caused me to lose. I don't think it has anything to do with cc but where the enemy is located on the landscape, maybe the swamp drake attack splash somehow fail to connect with the enemy hitbox.

_log_proxy_latest.log Immortal_enemies.pmv

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