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Tool Developer

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Interested in joining the team? Be sure to read this first. Below we go into detail about this specific position. 

Tool Developer

We use numerous tools that are crucial in our development process. As a tool developer, you will help us improve those tools to increase our development speed and productivity. A few examples of established tools include (built using C#, WPF and MVVM):

  1. Entity Editor: Allows us to add new cards and change existing ones, and much more.
  2. Special Effect Editor: Allows us to create new special effects and alter existing ones.
  3. Updater: Crucial tool that allows players to update their games and is the entry point to the game.

Next to these, we are also working on tools related to sounds (to add new sounds to the game) and models (to alter basic properties of existing models). 

 Design and develop features for tools required in the development process.
 Work together with users of the tools to shed light into feature improvements.
 Collaborate with other tool developers.

Desired traits
 Good C#, WPF and XAML skills to create proper UIs.
Knowledge in writing applications with the help of the MVVM pattern.
• Basic experience with UI/UX design.

Bonus traits
 Experience with .NET Core for future platform independent development.
 Knowledge in Test Driven Development (TDD).
 Experience with common data transfer methods (JSON, web protocols).

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