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Abyssal Warder - Upcoming Changes

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As part of our upcoming Nature balance changes, Abyssal Warder will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change:

Iteration 1
1. Decrease power cost: 250p --> 240p
2. New Active ability for large and medium sized golems - Reassemble - "Bond with two other Abyssal Warders of the same size in a 15m radius to reform into an Abyssal Warder of a larger size."
3. Increase Crystal Spikes damage: 570 / 600 / 660 / 725, up to 1710 / 1800 / 1980 / 2175 --> 645 / 675 / 735 / 800, up to 3870 / 4050 / 4410 / 4800
4. Change class: Giant --> Ancient

Iteration 1 Goals
Allow Abyssal to reassemble but require more smaller golems than are created when a larger golem divides. Initial ratio suggestion of 3 required for reassembly versus the 2 created on division. Will combo well with the upcoming changes to Promise of Life. Affinity of the mini-Warder doing the combining will determine the affinity of the reassembled larger Warder. Crystal Spikes is receiving a minor change to single-target damage and a major increase to total targets affected from 3 to 6. This should help Abyssal Warder clear out smaller units quickly and make the ability effect worth the power cost.

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