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My cringy 2017 poem about Battleforge being shut then reborn!

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Hey everyone! Just ran across a document that I had no memory existed. I don't even remember what its purpose was, yet I'll go ahead and post it for you guys to have a laugh! Let me know what you think and if it awakens some fond memories from the past 😊 I was prompted by no other than @Dutchyto share this with you!


It was 2009,

But then I was 10,

My brother and I,

Weren’t yet men,

But despite the odds,

A game with gods,

Had found our souls,

And set our goals.


But wait a minute,

Those aren’t called gods,

They’re awesome Skylords,

Controlling some squads,

Squads of 6 and squads of 4,

Armed so well,

And ready for war.


Monuments and wells,

Creatures and some spells,

Power’s in the cards,

Which everyone sells.

What a great opportunity,

With Auction and community,

To the toxic players,

We’ve developed immunity.


And after some time,

Without spending a dime,

My bro and I,

We’ve become so amazing,

With my heals and all of his blazing,

We’ve destroyed every foe,

And continued with the flow, but…


Something happened…

Something terrible...


The game was shut,

Budgets were cut,

And everyone left,

It felt like a theft,

A theft to gamers,

Skylords and ladies,

It’s like an idea,

By no other than Hades.


But we prayed.

And by darkness been taken.

Only for this blessed day to awaken.

To once again have a chance,

To advance, and glance,

It put me in a trance.

The chance to restore,

This ancient romance.


And now it’s the time.

With my righteous rhyme,

To win my place and live with grace,

To begin, to sore,

Like never before,

And after falling and falling,

In such a deep gorge,

We can indeed again,

Have a chance with Battleforge.

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