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Closing the client causes it to freeze

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My wife is having this issue since 1 or 2 weeks. When closing the game client, it freezes. There's just a white screen and it takes up to a couple of minutes for the game to actually close. We can't check the windows task manager for what's going on, as the BF window is always in the foreground.

The game is played in full-sceen mode.

Any idea about the root cause ? Thanks.

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Did you install any new software or drivers (maybe with Windows update) when this started to happen? Did she change some settings in the game? These are the first things you should look for.

Of course you could also start with deleting the game configuration, but I think this would be too early if you want to find the cause in case this happens again in the future.

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I got the same problem on one of my PCs on the other ones its working fine.

I didnt install any new software or change the settings.

A friend of mine also has that problem since about 2 weeks, so i guess its a pretty common problem.

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Could you try to remove all files starting with "sr-" in the subdirectory base\pak\ ?

It's possible that there have been some recent changes which were only supposed to be valid for the test server but became active on the live system. Maybe these files cause a kind of crash on your systems.

If this doesn't help, try to remove/backup the config.json file locates in your Documents\BattleForge directory. Let me know if this helped you guys.

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