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Game crashes on Empire and Raven's End maps (maybe more)


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Today my game crashes (the game shut's down and not responding message appears on the screen (win7)) in the first few seconds of the game, no matter what i do, on Empire and Raven's End maps (from what I saw). I have played a match on Blight and it went well so im not sure on which maps it works and it's not and I dont have the time to test them all.

The crash happens all the time on those maps and I'm the only one in the party that gets it.

Also it doesn't the difficulty of the game.

I have played the maps before many times (Raven's End 2 or 3 days ago) and had   no issues.

I have never uninstalled the game or reinstalled it, my PC components are the same.

I have never had any issues like this and I have no idea what's the cause of it.

_log_proxy_latest.log crashdata.mdmp

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