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Extended configuration for community maps

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Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks!

In our next test server patch, we will add more options which map makers can use for their custom PvP maps. From now on, you can add a map_settings.json to your map, which can affect the predefined goals for PvP maps. So far this feature is only useful, if you want to define non-standard win conditions for your fun PvP maps. However, we do plan to expand this config with more options in the future! The recommended location to place this file is in a new config folder (next to e.g. ui or terrain) in your map folder. Please note that this new feature is only on the test server so far, and will hit the live servers within the next months!

This is an experimental feature, and might break the game in some rare cases. So far it seems to work, however, please inform us if you encounter any issues after playing a map which uses these new options. Please also let us know if there any other variables we should add to this new config!

Here is an example of the currently supported options in the file.


    "V1": {
        "map_end_tick": 18000,
        "hide_pvp_map_end_timer": false,
        "hide_pvp_map_score": false

In this example the PvP map will end after 18000 ticks (= 1800 seconds = 30 minutes), it will not hide the timer, it will not hide the scores. These are the default values for 1v1 and 2v2. However, 3v3 maps have a default time of 45 minutes, so this will allow you to make 3v3 maps which only last 30 minutes.

All these fields are optional and can be omitted. The fields do the following:

  • map_end_tick defines when to end the game. This is specified in ticks. So 1 tick is equal to 0.1 seconds, and 10 ticks are equal to 1 second.
  • hide_pvp_map_end_timer removes the timer which shows the remaining time from the goals. Please note that this is only visual, and changing map_end_tick is required in order to allow longer games.
  • hide_pvp_map_score removes the scores for each team from the goals, They will still be computed and shown after the match in the post-game statistics.

Best regards, Skylords Reborn Team.

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