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Fear of a slow death of a community

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It's been a blast reading through this thread, seeing both sides of the coin really puts progress into perspective.

I love how Zyna and Lada manage the project currently, it surely wasn't a smooth ride up to this point. There's just so many things to be done and to manage it in such a small team is a full time job. For how the whole team managed this time of huge workload and even bigger community expectations I have the upmost respect.

As they mention in on of their latest announcements, staff expansion an restructuring has taken away time from progress being made in other parts of the project. As many other I was disappointed in the slow 'visual' progress being made so I tried to help out where I saw the biggest unused potential: Balancing. That didn't work out, but showed me where I could do some good for the project: Descriptions.

I encourage everyone interested in the project to do the same. Involve yourself in parts of the game you're interested, there's much work to be done and much to be learned. The job doesn't pay in cash but in invaluable experience. 

In my opinion the SR team severely lacks a community embassator, a consistent flow of information, scheduled announcements and transparency. We know there are plans to improve on those front and I'm looking forward to welcome the brave soul who willingly collects information from the different parts of the project to regularly communicate the good and bad new from to the community. It certainly will need to be someone with thick skin, authorial and charming personality who doesn't mind being a public figure. 

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