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Parasite Swarm 3rd upgrade Spell Desc [TYPO-only]

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NAME: Parasite Swarm 3rd upgrade Spell Desc Typo

DESCRIPTION: Upon upgrading Parasite Swarm - the description of the ability says the unit can take over a unit up to 2 orbs and 150 power. The upgrade allows to take over 3 orbs units (and still 150 power). Spell works as intended, functionality OK, the problem is just the typo of the SPELL. Card description is fine.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Spawn and select Parasite Swarm - fully upgraded (doesn't matter if from the auction or from the deck) and hover over the spell icon on right top. Spell says 2 orbs restriction. Hover over the card - says 3 orb restriction.

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Not sure if needed.

LOG: Not sure of needed.


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