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PVP Nature T1 vs Shadow T1


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i'am playing nature and doing pretty well in PVP (currently rank 17). I would say i'am pretty experienced but still have to struggle in high rank pvp.

Most of my ranked 1v1 are balanced, sometimes i win, sometimes i loose.

But then there is shadow t1. I can not win. It is completly impossible for me to win a t1 fight. If i cant go t2 fast enugh, i will loose.


How do i (try) to counter Shadow T1 rush:

Windweavers against Nox.

Swiftclaw  or Windweavers + root against horses

It works, but not goog enugh, i need way more energy than my opponent.

If shadow builds a phase tower, its gg for me.


I will loose 9 out of 10 matches.

Any tips how to stand any chance?

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We should spar together, i play shadow and do really bad against nature. One thing i can tell you is that if youre not planing on going intsant T2 or rushing an instant T2, never use swiftlclaw against shadow. Roots + windweavers is what i always lose against, rarely against someone who starts swiftclaw.

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