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Failed assertion when opening map editor

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NAME: Failed assertion when opening map editor
DESCRIPTION: When trying to open the map editor directly or by opening an existing custom map file it fails an assertion due to not being able to find the configuration file.
REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens after my latest installation of the game onto a clean Windows 10 installation.
SCREENSHOT: Bug.png.c72b8195fb80b8f333108b3899ef7308.png
LOG: _log_proxy_latest.txt, log_gd.txt
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Reinstallation of the game as well as the VC++ redist files didn't work. Neither did deleting /Documents/Battleforge or running as adminstrator. Might be connected to differences between the latest version of the game files as the installation before this one earlier this year was running smoothly.



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Thanks for reporting the bug. It happens, because we internally switched to another form of config file. We need to find a working solution on how to handle this special case for the MapEditor.

As a workaround you could try to do the following steps.

  1. Replace the existing pcre3.dll file with the file from the downloaded BFR Client.rar archive
  2. Start the BattleForge executable with the parameter -online. Simplest way is to start a command line or PowerShell and call it like so: BattleForge.exe -online (CMD) or .\BattleForge.exe -online (PowerShell)
    The game will start up, but probably throw some errors. As a consequence you need to close the client by shutting down the process manually. However the config file will be created by the game and you should be able to start the MapEditor.
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