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Problems with BFModelViewer

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Hello, I don't really post on forums so my structure on this post won't look nice C: but I want to note some things I have learned during the past few days that I have learned a lot from everyone in the community from the discord server and these forums.

I have been playing around with the .drs .smd .ska .fbx files and everything which comes with many hurdles as lightsong 0.4(0.5) is an amazing tool although I am unable to get the Juggernaut smd file from it as it has too many faces for the program to handle it or I don't know how to fix it on my end, and I've explored a lot but mainly focused on getting the soulhunter model to work which was fantastic as I've got the model and the skeleton from the Lightsong program although I couldn't access the animations and stuff like that so I've taken a break by learning about motion capture with the kinect v2 with the soulhunter model and skeleton using the programs iPi Recorder 4 and iPi Mocap Studio 4 and then had my fun and tried looking for a way to get the animations and I am still looking for a way to use the .ska files with the smd model I've tried researching into phenomic's development on what kind of engine they made or used but I didn't find anything other than who works there and their roles during the game: https://www.mobygames.com/game/battleforge.

and then thanks to the community I've been guided to another program similar to Lightsong called BFModelViewer which what I was told could only export models only without the animation or textures; which didn't bother me since I was able to get the Juggernaut model which was amazing and I would just apply the textures from the .pak file in blender; although couldn't import the fbx file from blender as it exports into a .FBX (ASCII) instead of binary which blender will refuse to open and so I've found a program from autodesk called Autodesk FBX Converter x64 2013 that helped me convert the file into a binary fbx file.

After that I've noticed that the juggernauts hand was missing so I've repaired it by just mirroring his other hand and after that I've tried to transfer the weights and the skeleton from the Soulhunter onto the Juggernaut as the game reused a lot of their models and skeletons and animations for many of their units and soulhunter has 3 claws but has a 4th finger in his skeleton which motivated me to trying to transfer it which ended up with me succeeding up to the point I wanted to open the juggernauts jaw which is really hard to weight paint and fix it which ended up with me giving up on the jaw as I have no experience in weight painting.

Fast forward a couple of days after looking for ways to open .ska files; I went back into the converter and saw more options to convert and saw that it exports the animation but deletes the model with the .dae verison and all the other ones were more deformed than the rest but even the DAE version had the animation spamming around a few times. so I've looked for ways to export the animation and I've opened the original FBX ASCII version that I've exported form the BFModelViewer and launched up Unity and put it inside there. and it worked amazingly all the animations were there and I've had access to everything.

But the only problem that I've found is that the animation in the FBX ASCII file also had jittering animations and body parts started moving out of placed during the animation  the legs were the worst; but then I've came back onto the BFModelViewer and suddenly everything started working beautifully. every unit I went on had all the whole model with no missing parts; textures were applied automatically and the animations were smooth and no matter how many times I've exported it and used that file or converted it into other versions It would all destroy the skeleton or the animation or both altogether.

This is what I've learned so far I would love to hear all the feedback <3 and a big shoutout to everyone that has helped me and guided me in the skylords community and to the staff <3

@Onedaxter | @Solcrow | @Kiliangg | @Pesmontis | @CrazyCockerell | @LEBOVIM

@Titan | @Bobfrog | @Aqua | @Blank | and everyone else that I've missed out 


also sorry for the badly structured post ^^


Working perfectly

Working perfectly.png

card summon animation and leg gets stretched and out of position

card summon animation and leg gets stretched and out of position.png

Arms legs and tail flying at random moments of the animation

Arms legs and tail flying at random moments of the animation.png

weight painting and can't do the jaw

weight painting.png

posed Soulhunter with smd from lightsong




DAE exports skeleton correctly the best

DAE Best.png

Somehow Exporter Contains everything

Somehow Exporter Contains everything.png

Before Exporter worked and deleted hand

Before Exporter worked and deleted hand.png

some motion capture XDDDD

need at least 2 kinect v2 to motion capture without the model spamming out like the leg in the video but I only have 1 kinect XD

also realised the images are in the wrong order of the post so I hope it doesn't confuse.

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