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Deck from Old times & Suggestions?

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16 hours ago, GrubaSrb said:

Hello guys old player are back, this is my deck right know for Pve:



This will be the perfection:



Any Suggestions???


Mine is super useful for pve because enemies don't dodge it. A common strategy is tto use nomades to run around, bait enemies into mine, and eruption the spawn camps to kill them quickly.

Mutating Maniac is honestly a pretty bad card, fathom lord is simply better :)

I would recommend adding surge of light (for t2) and possibly even equilibrium. IMO ray of light is the worst healing spell, you should probably only use it if you already have the other 3 and still want more.

Protector's seal is very situational and depends on which map you are on...

And in general, I agree you have too many t4 units. I usually take 2 units, one flying and one melee , but maybe 2 flying and 1 melee is also okay. Some good spells you can use instead are enlightenment (with bloodhorn or batariel), cluster explosion, earthshaker, and thunderstorm.

(Also wheel of gifts is pretty strong and you already have 2 nature orbs).


Of course I am just mentioning some of the strongest options, and your first deck already looks good :)

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