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make boosters more accessible

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Open market place only works when there is an active flow of cards and players. In the current state of the player base, there aren't enough cards being put on the market causing it to inflate to unaffordable levels. I think booster price should be lowered(from 450bfp to 300) making it easier buying boosters.Everything else should stay the same. the system is great. but without overflowing the market its pretty impossible obtaining cards. You can't really change the market system because that will just take too long. A lot of cards aren't even put in the market place because no one has it or no one will sell it, even for obscene prices.

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you seem to not know about the option to connect to test server, so I assume you mean main server.

There was 2000 players online during the last week.

These players buy 977 boosters from the store.

That and boosters from the quests resulted in 51248 cards opened in boosters.

What cards specifically you think are overpriced? What cards specifically you think no one have?

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lets look at some cards.
mine - only 1 person selling
cultist master- 1 person selling 
shaman-2 people selling
home soil-0 people selling
infect-1 person selling for 5k bfp

I can keep going but there is no point. 51248 cards opened in boosters and only 1369 cards in the market place.149 ultra rare and 358 rare.
its pretty much impossible to build a deck right now from scratch.

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most of the cards you just named did not change price much since the beginning.

There was 4893 successful auctions during last week which means 2,5 auctions per person on average.

So average person sell 1 card every 2,8 days.

Every card was opened many times from boosters, people just not seling them, because there is also not much buyers, because at this point a lot of people just left because they have nothing more to achieve. And there is many players that have almost all cards.

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well I was actually suprised when I see the numbers it show there was about 977 more booster bought by players from store than I expected.

in my opinion there is much more cards, that there should be.

if players will have less cards, they will trade more of cards they do not want to get cards they want.

How many cards do you have in AH right now?

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im almost always at 40. but out of 40 only 5 were bought last couple of days.because prices are inflated and people know it so no one is buying. overlord was going for 2000bfp and i sold it for 900 because i know its real price is around 600. Overall i think the system is fine but the card flow is slow. a lot of cards in AH have 1 or 2 sellers and for outrageous prices.

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well the last column account for 2 auctions
-1 week was 5 auctions
-2 weeks was 16 auctions
-3 weeks was 13 auctions

I did not say that jump is not bad, but that jump was not caused by less players, or less cards, the amount of players is increasing, and so the amount of cards opened in boosters

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On 2/28/2020 at 5:45 PM, Kubik said:

as I said before: "if players will have less cards, they will trade more of cards they do not want to get cards they want."

back then players have less cards, so they traded more to get cards they wanted, now they have all cards they want

@Kubik, I agree with you and I also agree with you @Enginenilla. The market right now is not really working and reason is probably the amount of active players. Anyhow, some people will always try and sell cards for fantasy BFP amounts, not sure how to deal with that...this very much happens now but it also happened back in the days and it will happen in the future too. 

@Enginenilla or anyone else for that matter, as a short time solution, please contact me ingame or privately here in the forum and if there are any cards you would need I can possibly help out, for a reasonable fee (because I still very much like opening those boosters :D). Lately I think my average is opening 2-3 boosters per day and I have a lot of extras, even on some of the "good" cards. I am active on the AH, but with the limit of 40 active auctions not many cards leave my collection...

// Ponni

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