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  1. Enginenilla

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    i haven't really keep up with the already posted comments but i have some concerns about the new system. first of all the amount of time it takes to get bfp is way too high. no one is going to play so much . reaching the hardcap by 2 hours of playtime is enough. people don't have 6 or so hours to play per day to reach it. second of all and this is the real problem, we need hard cap on a single match. in the current state the system is really really REALLY easy to exploit. i wont go into detail in public so you can pm for it. The current game demographic isn't midschoolers, its mainly adults coming back into the game after playing in 2009 meaning we can't play more than an hour or 2 on the game. people that can play the 6 or so hours per day will just dominate everything. I believe reaching the hard cap(with the same amount of bfp gain) is better within 2 hours so some people will still have an advantage but not entirely. All in all the system seems good but its highly unbalanced. Plus the exploit which will make some people VERY rich.
  2. Enginenilla

    Card giveaway

    hey i could use ultra rare enlightement rare nightguard green common/uncommon 1.shaman 2.nox trooper 3.skyfire drake 4.creeping paralysis 5. aggressor green 6.lost spirit ship green thanks for anything you can provide if you don't have some cards or want to give more i can use enlightement , soul splicer g, infect IGN Enginenilla
  3. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    Open market place only works when there is an active flow of cards and players. In the current state of the player base, there aren't enough cards being put on the market causing it to inflate to unaffordable levels. I think booster price should be lowered(from 450bfp to 300) making it easier buying boosters.Everything else should stay the same. the system is great. but without overflowing the market its pretty impossible obtaining cards. You can't really change the market system because that will just take too long. A lot of cards aren't even put in the market place because no one has it or no one will sell it, even for obscene prices.
  4. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    The amount of boosters opened might be getting higher but the amount of cards in ah is lower. maybe its just my personal experience thats bad but comparing it to when stress test first opened its just worse.
  5. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    differences like these are bad. 500+ bfp jumps . but when you realize only few are sold per day it raises a different problem. you'd think 500 bfp jumps are caused by really high buying and selling amounts but its maybe 5 or 6 per day.
  6. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    im almost always at 40. but out of 40 only 5 were bought last couple of days.because prices are inflated and people know it so no one is buying. overlord was going for 2000bfp and i sold it for 900 because i know its real price is around 600. Overall i think the system is fine but the card flow is slow. a lot of cards in AH have 1 or 2 sellers and for outrageous prices.
  7. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    I agree with you on paper, But looking at AH you can see that there is a problem.Maybe lowering booster price isn't the solution but there are a lot of unobtainable cards.
  8. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    lets look at some cards. mine - only 1 person selling cultist master- 1 person selling shaman-2 people selling home soil-0 people selling infect-1 person selling for 5k bfp I can keep going but there is no point. 51248 cards opened in boosters and only 1369 cards in the market place.149 ultra rare and 358 rare. its pretty much impossible to build a deck right now from scratch.
  9. Enginenilla

    make boosters more accessible

    not really sure about the difference. you mean main server as in after launch? we'll see. im talking about right now.
  10. I've unpacked the updater zip file the first time i tried, updated and opened the game, got into the forge and then the game crashed. when trying to run the updater again it got deleted and so was the UAC. while trying to unpack those again it sent me 2 massages: I've disabled my avest anti virus completely and my windows defender in gpedit.msc. fix- remove the updater from your antivirus quarantine(virus chest) and add an exception for it
  11. Enginenilla

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    love what you guys are doing. keep up the great work and stop caring what trolls and a-holes are saying, it will just get you sad and angry.
  12. Enginenilla

    Open Beta *Memes* Collection !


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