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launcher.exe has stopped working (bad allocation)

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So on the Windows 7 VM on my mac, which I use to play this game on the go, I recently started getting the error from the title (launcher.exe has stopped working). What happens then is that the game won't close, but it will tell me I lost connection to the server about 5 seconds later.


It used to work fine before, I got this error a few times but restarting usually made it go away. Not this time, I've gotten the error about 10 times in a row now which is unusual. I will start up, log in and after about 2-3 minutes it will generate this failure. The Diags show only a single error amidst a whole bunch of info messages about packages:


[08:59:29.637400] [error]: [] bad allocation


I don't know where this comes from. Things I've tried:

- Running in administrator mode. I've always done this

- running in compatibility mode. Windows suggests XP service pack 2, I've tried all the service packs.

- Disabling DEP. I coudn't create an exception for the launcher.exe, but disabling it entirely also didn't seem to work

- completely reinstall battleforge and the launcher (a.k.a. unpacking it again and running the launcher).

- restart the VM


I'm hoping you guys have seen this before and can point me in the right direction. 

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3 minutes ago, Kubik said:

do you know after which update it started?

I've only experienced 1 update, the most recent one. The launcher issue was present before the update as well, but like I said, before it would just go away after a restart or 2. 

This is quite a fringe case, as it only seems to happen on my VM. My home PC is fine, weirdly enough.

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